Within two days, we heard of two tragic incidents, rather crimes! The first crime was in Egypt, and a second in Jordan, both victims were young female students, and both monsters were males; ringing any bells?!

Nayra Ashraf, a 21 years old art student, was stabbed in front of Mansoura University, on Monday the 20th, June 2022. The killer is a fellow student.

A few days later, on the 23rd of June, Iman Rashid, a 21-year-old nursing student was shot and killed on the campus of the Applied Sciences University in Amman. The killer was also a male who entered the campus, was armed, committed the crime, and then left without being stopped by campus security.!

The strikingly shocking reason behind both crimes is that these girls refused marriage proposals from their assailants! This is a confirmed fact in the case of Naira, but still just rumors in Iman\\\'s case.

These incidents, and other fresh wounds, bring to the surface the issue of women’s rights and status. It is a never-ending point of contention and it seems we still have a long way to walk.

Women\\\'s status throughout history

Women, across civilizations and religions, had deficient status compared to men. Perhaps, the most shocking fact is that newborn girls were killed in ancient Arabia! Yes, girls were a burden and a shame that needed to be obliterated as soon as possible.

During ancient Viking times and other stone ages and beyond human gatherings, women had no say in any matter and were treated badly, mostly as sex slaves and what the French call “femme de foyer.”

Not long ago, girls in china were also aborted as parents favored boys under the one-child policy.

In many countries, even today, people favor having boys and feel terribly disappointed when having a girl. Some elderly, might even, as ridiculous as it may sound, ask the newlyweds to bore them first a boy, the family heir!

Then finally came religion and freed women to a certain extent. Freedom was partial with every religion; it was a change in progress because it was hard to impose new beliefs on people who had been practicing certain traditions and clinging to behaviors for centuries. Unfortunately, long after the last prophet descended on earth and instructed God’s final teachings, we still see people neglecting and even distorting crystal-clear truths about women and how they should be treated.

During the peak of witch hunts in the western world, from the last decades of the 17th century till the early decades of the 18th century, women were not only killed and hunted ruthlessly, they were perceived as agents of the devil. Perhaps, the witch hunt is one of two major tragedies that affected women the most throughout history. The first was the burial of countless female infants!

Islam paved the way for women’s rights and status as dignified human beings equal to men. Indeed, women were finally granted some rights, such as inheritance, and prohibited men from doing them harm.

Moving away from religion, so that I won\\\'t be accused of subjectivism, let’s see what judicial systems offered women.

The nineteenth amendment passed on June the 5th, 1919, finally gave women a say in politics. Tunisia granted them abortion right in 1973, ushering in an unprecedented era of women’s rights in the Arab world.

The choice of these two country-specific laws is not innocent nor random. In the United States, women have had slightly higher rates of voter turnout than men. Still, the last presidential election failed to bring a woman to the White House as president!

Tunisia has the most progressive environment in the Arab world; women enjoy more freedom than in any other country in North Africa or the Middle East. still, access to safe abortion and medical care witnessed a hard hit since 2011.

Women’s rights are taking hard hits in more countries every day. Sometimes, it feels like we are moving back to prehistoric and stone-age times!

Death by desire and the eternal punishment

With a click of a finger, two women have been killed by sadistic monsters within a week, and one more was killed just as I am writing this article!

Naira and Iman, two young girls, full of life and aspirations, were doomed to the darkness within minutes.

No reason can justify the crime! No explanation can be provided nor accepted! Such murderers have abandoned their humanity, and judges should consider that when making a decision! Capital punishment, yes, why not?!

India is one of the few countries allowing the death penalty for rapists. Still, according to official statistics, one woman is raped every 16 minutes!

I know that this will sound outrageous for human rights defenders, but sorry for the ugly truth! Fear is the only thing left to try to stop the atrocities! I remember one line from an Indian movie that says: “ do we victims deserve only a f***ing candle march?”

Unfortunately, human rights defenders care much about offenders’ rights, but they care less about the phycological and physical burdens and problems victims keep facing after being raped. When killed, at least they will no longer feel anything!

Victims need something to hold on to; they need reassurance that the criminals will not walk free one day, by parole, official pardon, or otherwise! They need to see retribution equal to their tears and wounds.

Yes, capital punishment is irreversible and harsh, but it might be the only way left to instigate fear and limit attack rates. Monsters have committed countless crimes because unfortunately, social media is not yet the watchdog we need to keep track of such incidents. If they could take lives at a finger click, then they should be prepared to surrender their lives in the same fashion!

Women of the world unite

It is clear to the observing eye that we are regressing to times of primitive animalism and women’s rights are on the way to declining! It was only a couple of years back that the Tunisian judicial system suggested that to punish a rapist he should marry his victim! What mercy for a criminal and what hades for an innocent soul!

Women are losing more rights than they are gaining. From the situation of today, I judge that intersectional feminism is more vital than ever. We need to consider all factors impacting women\\\'s status in societies and we need to hold all people accountable.

Punitive systems and retributive sentences are essential, but what are doing to stop the bleeding? What are we doing to eradicate the problems facing women from their grassroots? What are the guardians of democracy doing to ensure justice and equality? Today, more than ever, institutional sexism is widening the gap between genders and heavily impacting all aspects of life. It is shocking that while some celebrate menstrual leave rights, others have to fight for the right to dress as they want and get equal treatment in job applications!

We need to join forces, now more than ever, to push for international rights for women and to defend their dignity. We need to call things by name and stop the sugar-coating tradition and concocting excuses for all wrong deeds. Hold everyone responsible, advocate qualitative education that teaches human dignity and classifies women on equal footing with men, and most importantly break the silence. Women of the world unite!

Listen to the countless silent voices suffering. Think about the countless crimes that are being committed as you are reading this article and consider how you can get involved to help in the process of change.