Telling Stories, Building Bridges

A Cross-cultural group committed to forging unity in a world of chaos!

Vision and Mission

We aspire to educate people from around the world on matters ambiguous to them. Like the myth of the Tower of Babel, we are of different backgrounds but look forward to seeing more harmony, peace, and constructive exchange in the world. We aim towards the skies, the heavens; our project is idealistic, but we believe that nothing is impossible and that the human race has more in common than we thought! This space is to explore our insecurities, explain our perspectives, and find common grounds for collaboration. One world, one human race, one life, one destiny, though a myriad of realities and cultures!

Our goal is to encourage constructive dialogues between and within different countries and nations. We intend to do that by revealing and telling truths from different regions as told by native people of those areas. The truths include their literature, culture, traditions, religion, politics, art, and everything that the societies are made up of.

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Our Goals

  • 01 Telling stories

    Our stories are authentic, and told from personal perspectives. The subaltern talks back and provides facts instead of biased social media coverage. We are creating a database of stories of people and cultures to uncover complex realities and forge a credible archive.

  • We seek to build bridges between people of different backgrounds and cultures. Our stories are one way for people of the world to get to know one another; understanding is a vital step towards peace and unity.

  • We aim at forging a new world from the ruins of this chaotic one. Fraught with misjudgments, stereotypes, and conflicts, this world is in high need of harmony. We seek to bring to life the unity we once enjoyed as the myth goes. Babel will unite us once more for we are destined to stand together.


Our Values

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Brought together thanks to different circumstances but united by our love for change and cross-cultural collaboration, we conceptualized the genesis of Babelverse. Now all who join us add a unique footprint.

Akhtar Mirza

Akhtar Mirza is somewhere between where East meets West, where young differs from old, and where monotonous ends and adventure starts. He is experimentative and likes to try new things, especially when it comes to creativity, some include Writing, Directing, Translating, and Acting.

Sassi Souid

Sassi Souid

I am Sassi Souid, Tunisian. I studied mathematics, physics and IT, but all this does not compensate my great passion for writing. I am interested in various fields such as freedom of expression, human rights and democracy in the third world. I strongly support people who live under...More

Fathia Dridi

Fathia Dridi

Fatia is an introvert who adores nature, the sea, and darkness! Not that she’s a gloomy person, but light shines from within her; she trusts her insight in a world of deceit! Fatia is a citizen of the world, loves exploring cultures, and embraces and celebrates differences, though...More

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?

    Members of the Babelverse community come from different countries. We have people from Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, the USA, Russia, the UK, and Italy.

  • Our events are happening online for now. Hopefully, we will be programming on-site activities soon. Those locations will have to be decided as needed.

  • We publish authentic content such as blog posts, videos, and pictures. This content aims at revealing personal perspectives. Published pieces do not necessarily express the opinion of all the Babelverse members; still, we value and respect differences. We also have online gatherings such as Babel Cultural Talks and Babel conversations. The first revolves around presentations of different cultures. The second is thematic-based gatherings.

  • Stories that matter, stories that have not been yet told, stories that official history or present media coverages are missing or neglecting, stories where humans matter.

  • Anyone interested in cross-cultural communication and collaboration can join us. People who have a knack for content creation and are curious to explore different cultures and perspectives.

  • Babelverse is neutral to religions and politics. We might publish religious or political content, but it only expresses the opinion of those who wrote it. We do not serve any political or religious agenda.

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