Inspired by the myth of the tower of Babel, we set forth to forge a common, inclusive space that will bring together the seeds of all the different cultures of the world. We believe that languages were introduced not to break the unity of the human race and scatter them, but to ignite curiosity, introduce elements of change, and liven existence!
Babelverse is the virtual world we would like to create to encompass and acknowledge all different ethnicities, religions, cultures, perspectives, languages, and lifestyles. We hope to expand the impact of this metaverse to reality itself. It’s high time we invest in human understanding, and acceptance, and cherish our differences while embracing universality! Differences are enriching, but they should not inhibit genuine communications and collaborations. The mosaic of cultures is something to celebrate and get inspired by to work on sustainable coexistence solutions.
Like Picasso's artworks, the human species can find means to exist on one canvas creating a harmonized symbol of togetherness. We encourage reflections, as they offer more room for change and evolution, a desperate need today!